Feelreal Mask For PlayStation VR


Feelreal Multisensory VR Mask adds smell, heat, wind, water mist and vibration to VR. Compatible with your PlayStation VR headset!


Feelreal Multisensory VR Mask for PlayStation VR is an innovative VR gadget that was created to make Virtual Reality more real. We have added scents, cool and hot wind, water mist and vibration to VR. Our aroma generator is designed to let you feel scents in your favorite games, movies and VR experiences. Feelreal is the world’s first Multisensory VR mask that utilizes Olfactory Technology along with unique haptiс effects to create an unforgettable VR experience.


Feelreal Multisensory VR Mask is compatible with PlayStation VR Headset. The mask is shipped with easy-to-install magnetic mounts that will keep it firmly attached when you’re using it. They are absolutely harmless to headset’s electronics. Also, the Mask is equipped with a replaceable top cover that exactly fits the dimensions of your VR headset. It is available in white, gray, and black colors!

The Mask will easily connect to your PlayStation VR headset through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.



Enjoy our diverse library of scents, developed by a professional perfumer and olfactologist.

Water Mist

Ultrasonic ionizing system imitating rain and mist.

Cold Wind

Twin micro-coolers designed to create wind and cool down your face after intense game rounds.


Heaters to create a feeling of dragon’s breath or desert air.


Haptic Feedback Motors create sensations that you can feel with your face, like punches or the rumble of vulture’s roar.



We created a reliable scent generator that holds an easily replaceable cartridge with 9 individual aroma capsules. It gives you an opportunity to smell VR in any game that has Feelreal support. You can also create scent tracks for video content with our Feelreal Editor app.

Choose and combine any of the 255 scents available in our store. Install and change them depending on the type of VR experience you’re watching. We’ve chosen distinct scents that accurately simulate the atmosphere of games and movies. Feelreal aromas are safe to inhale and are similar to those used in the food industry.

The mask releases each scent in small amounts via triggers planted throughout games and movies. Pull the trigger and you’ll smell gunpowder, pick up the mug and you’ll feel the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Liquids are vapored in small quantities under user’s nose, and it makes Feelreal Mask a perfect gadget for individual use. Wearing it you won’t be bothering anyone with your entertainment routine.

Cool Wind

Enjoy the cool mountain breeze from two powerful micro-coolers that are installed on both sides of the Mask. They can also be used to prevent lens fogging and cool down player’s face after an intense gaming round.


Sense the warmth of the desert or dragon’s fire breath with safe micro-heaters. They will lift up the temperature a little to give you better immersion to the surroundings in VR games and movies.

Water mist

Feel the rain on your cheeks with our ultrasonic ionizing system that spreads cool water mist on your skin. It can also imitate fog, waterfall or a blood spit in your face in a fighting VR game.


Endure the impact when force feedback haptic motors kick in! Vibration feature is created to enhance your games and experiences with lifelike punches, earthquakes and rumble of a sport car on the track.

Feelreal Multisensory VR Mask
Replaceable Aroma Cartridge containing 9 individual Aroma Capsules
Powerful micro-coolers. Enjoy the cool mountain breeze!
Ultrasonic ionizing system. Feel the rain on your cheeks!
Force feedback vibration motors. Feel the hard punch!
Safe micro-heaters. Sense the warmth of the desert!

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 17 × 8.1 × 2.9 cm
What’s in the box?

– Feelreal Multisensory VR Mask
– Full Aroma Cartridge with nine Aroma Capsules (Basic Set)
– One bonus Aroma Capsule
– Micro-USB cable & charger
– Water replacement tank
– Installation magnets
– Installation magnets


Bluetooth 2.0
Wireless WiFi

Power Supply

4 hours non-stop