Feelreal sensory mask.
Deep Immersion.
Expand your senses.
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What is feelreal sensory mask?

Feelreal Sensory Mask intensifies the viewer’s virtual reality presence and empowers the user to traverse in the virtual worlds by using various special physical stimulation’s like smell, effects of heat, water mist, vibration, the wind, and, more!

FeelReal is a Multisensory Virtual Reality (VR) Mask exclusively for 3D VR movies and games to give the user, perfection in the Virtual Journey beyond improvement by adding various sensory simulations depending on the video he is watching or the game he is playing! You get immersed into the 3D world when you get to smell the gunpowder while playing the game or smell flowers while roaming in a 3D VR garden!

Feelreal multisensory VR mask is often used:


You get an impeccable head tracking movements synchronized with the various sensory receptors’ giving the user an excellent virtual impact of being the part and parcel of the game.

Actually smell the gun powder, in reality, when you shoot the opponent. Get to smell the seashore and hear the wind during your gaming sessions! Get to sense the physical vibrations, depending on the vehicle you are traveling.


Aromatherapy and relax procedures

FeelReal Sensory Mask is equipped with special Odor Generator. Out of the 9 exclusive odors, it also has a unique Flower Odor, which can be used exclusively for the Aromatherapy!

Instead of physically visiting these long distance places, you can use your 3D headset fitted with FeelReal Sensory Mask and watch your favorite seashore video. Virtually you can feel the water, enjoy the sound waves and also experience the mental serenity without visiting those locations. 


Everyone, who watches some videos

Oh, for this group we’ve created something really amazing – feelreal Player. Add wind, hot air, water mist, vibration and smell effects to your movies to experience a full realistic presence in virtual world.

It requires no programming skills and it’s as easy to use as your mobile phone. It creates such a deep immersion, you can’t even imagine.

To enhance “personal presence”, we developed an odor generator with nine removable smell
cartridges that can be easily changed depending on the game or movie you’re playing or watching.
NOW. you can taste these nine...
Click the picture to see next incredible smell
Aesthetical Features Of FeelReal Sensory Mask

Light Weight –It is smaller and thinner making it virtually weightless when it is mounted on your VR Headset.

Wireless – All the wires and complicated settings are removed thus giving it a sleek look blended with convenience and elegance.

Global Interaction – As FeelReal is equipped with a superior quality Bluetooth Microphone, you can interact with all the players across the globe.

Easy To Assemble – There is no direct contact of FeelReal with your skin, and it is very easy to use. Just mount it on your headset and start enjoying!

To perfectly match the design of your VR headset, FeelReal is
available in two attractive colors, Alpine White and Matte Black

Technical Specifications and Special Effects
Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR with an operating radius up to 30ft
Two powerful micro coolers, which generate cool wind flows
Two vibro engines with adjustable level of vibration
Odor Generator
It has a removable cartridge with nine unique smells
Power Supply
4 hours work with a built-in rechargeable battery
Hot Air
Two micro heaters along with built-in temperature detectors
Water Mist
Ultrasonic ionizing system which is producing water mist
Inbuilt bluetooth microphone for global interaction
Oculus Rift
Samsung Gear VR
PlayStation VR
Zeiss VR One
Feelreal made its debut on GDC 2015 in San Francisco