Sensory Mask


the Virtual Reality

Feelreal simulates hundreds of smells to immerse you into virtual worlds.

Smell the Virtual Reality
  • Natural

    We’ve chosen distinct scents that can best render the atmosphere of games and movies. Feelreal aromas are safe to inhale and are similar to those used in the food industry.

  • Relaxing

    Sometimes you just want to feel relaxed and smell the roses inside a beautiful VR garden. Or watch a rom-com and feel the aroma of lavender in her perfume and mint in his breath.

  • Realistic

    Can you truly feel yourself on racing track without the smell of burned rubber? Or grasp a feel of being on a battlefield without the intense gunpowder odor?

Experience the true grit of reality with Feelreal !


After the release you will be able to enhance these titles with
Feelreal effects by installing free mods from our library.


It’s very easy to add Feelreal support to your titles
using our handy Unity and Unreal SDK’s.

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We developed reliable scent generator that holds easily replaceable cartridge with 9 individual aroma capsules.

Choose and combine any of the 255 scents available in our store. Install and change them depending on the type of VR experience you’re watching.

Olfactory technology

so much more
to feel in VR

Feelreal mask also simulates tactile sensations to immerse you even deeper

Feel water


Feel the rain on your cheeks with ultrasonic ionizing system

Feel wind


Enjoy the cool mountain
breeze with two powerful micro-coolers

Feel heat


Sense the warmth of the desert with safe micro-heaters

Feel vibration


Endure the impact when
force feedback haptic motors kick in!

Alchemy of

All Feelreal aromas are exclusively designed by acclaimed perfumer, olfactologist, and perfume critic .

Bogdan is the author of numerous personal, boutique, and interior fragrances that he created under BZ PARFUMS brand. He used every technique he learned after more more than 20 years of olfactory experience to design memorable and diverse aromas for Feelreal.

What exactly can you enhance with Feelreal?

What exactly can you enhance with Feelreal?


Open 360° videos with Feelreal player and watch them like never before! Download existing Feelreal tracks from our expanding online library or create your own to share them online


Dive into one of the amazing experiences that our developers and independent creators made for our own Feelreal Dreams app. Here every door leads to new sensual possibilities


Feelreal supports a number of popular VR games and exptttttteriences from the very start. Thanks to our handy SDK developers and modders can to easily enhance their games with Feelreal features


Use the mask without VR headset and control it fromthe mobile app. Your personal aromatherapy device anywhere you go!


The mask can help you immerse into a perfect state of relaxation. Load your favourite VR environment, choose relaxed aroma set and drift away from stress


  • Oculus Go
  • Oculus Rift
  • PlayStation VR
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • HTC Vive

Connects to any VR headset
via Bluetooth without any wires and complicated setups.

Easy-to-install magnetic mounts will keeps it firmly attached when you’re using it. Feelreal is available in white, gray, and black colors to match your VR headset.



Weight 7 oz
Battery life
4 hours nonstop

Feelreal video editor

It’s easy create your own Feelreal-enhanced tracks for videos, experiences and games with our handy editor and SDK (for Unity and Unreal). Experienced modders can even modify the scent cartridges themselves, combining and creating their own unique experiences.

Share your tracks with the whole world and download what the mod community had came up with!

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